Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peeing Your Pants

A couple of weekends ago it was one of my wonderful roommate's birthdays.  To celebrate we went out as roommates to dinner at Thai Ruby (one of our most favorite restaurants in Provo and it is conveniently right around the corner from us) and then a bunch of friends joined us for cake and an adventure to the Haunted Forest. I wasn't going to go to the Haunted Forest for two reasons: 1) It cost $20 bucks and in my experience that did not seem worth it for a haunted house and 2) I had been in a horrible mood that day and wanted to sit home and cry (not really but kind of - it was a watch Charly sort of day). At the very last minute I said forget it, lets have fun tonight and I joined in the fun. And honestly I am so glad I did!

At Thai Ruby!

The Haunted Forest is in American Fork and it is legit! There are people out in front in character already scaring the crap out of you before you even get inside! One of my friends called my name and this creepy girl heard it and was following behind me saying my name. Great fun. So we get inside the first house and it wasn't too horrible. I was smashed between two of my friends (they were my protectors) but most stuff really didn't scare me in there because it was machines and machines just remind me of Disney. So then we get out of the house and stand in another line while music is playing and we just have a good time. Then we got to the Haunted Forest. And that's when the night became fantastic.

So the Haunted Forest is literally a forest of trees (or at least as close to that as you can get in Utah) and it is seriously a mile long. From the time we started the first house to the time we left the forest we had been there over 2 1/2 hours. A lot of the people in our group were really jumpy. Including me. So at first I wasn't too bad off. I was holding onto one of my roommates and had a guy in front of me and it was okay, I could get past things. But then the chainsaws came. I don't know why but I cannot handle chainsaws. I honestly do not know when I have ever screamed so loud and high pitched in my life. It got to the point where one of my guy friends was like holding me because I couldn't take it (but then he turned on me and scared me himself at any chance he got). At one point in the forest they have a bunch of scenes from different scary movies (ie Friday the 13th, The Ring, etc) and Freddy Krueger would not leave me alone. Seriously. I could not escape him and that man is scary! We finally made it through the forest, after getting chased out by yet another chainsaw, and I realized I had had so much fun in there. I was near tears a time or two, one of my roomies may or may not have peed her pants, another roommate punched our friend in the face when he came up behind her, but it really was a fun experience.

The whole group at the Haunted Forest!

After this trip to the Haunted Forest though, we have all become extremely jumpy. Case in point: On Saturday I was standing by my bed with my back to the door, I turned slightly and all of a sudden my roommate was standing on top of me. I hadn't heard her come in at all and she scared me so bad I screamed, which scared her and she screamed back at me. The following day, walking home from church, I had left slightly after my roommate but caught up to her. I thought she had seen me though so I got right up behind her. Apparently she hadn't seen me because she screamed and pushed me into the street (she's the same one that punched our friend). Yep. We are all a little jumpy right now - but it's Halloween, so bring on the scare!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This summer my family became addicted to Friday Night Lights. best. show. ever. It was a bad addiction. I remember one Saturday in particular at the beginning of this craze where I told Taya she could watch one show and then I would watch one show, and we literally did that the entire day (6 episodes in one day). Little did she know that my show was more than twice as long as her show. I'm gonna be so great at deceiving my children when the time comes. Anyways, only seasons 1-4 were on Netflix this summer. Today my day was made. I discovered that Season 5 (aka the FINAL season) is available on Netflix. I now have new motivation to do homework:

Tim Riggins. Only problem: he is currently in prison. BUT only because he is a good person. Not gonna lie, I find him really attractive - my mother is concerned about this. Now I have a reason to write my paper this weekend...but let's see how many episodes I watch before then.