Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Sunday morning, I looked out my window after waking up and lo and behold it was a winter wonderland outside! We went from zero snow to this overnight!
The first thing Alix said when she saw it was, "I didn't know it could do this over night!!" It made me laugh, but truthfully sums up my feelings as well! So basically over the past three days I have learned how to wear multiple jackets at once (a completely foreign concept before this week), converse are some of the worst shoes to wear in the snow (my roommates told me this after we were standing out in the middle of snow and my feet were freezing), if you start to fishtail while driving turn into the fishtail (thankfully this tidbit of knowledge has not been needed yet), scarves really do help keep you so much warmer (thanks for the scarves mom!), and it is possible for it to be too cold to snow (take today for example - it was 7 degrees when I walked to work and kept getting colder!!)! Three days of snow down and who knows how many left to go! Thankfully I will be back in warm AZ in about a week :]

Also this last Sunday, my roommates and I decided to take some roommate pics! We were also invited to eat dinner and watch the Christmas Devotional at Kacie's familes house. So after church we headed down to Springville, picked up Kacie's friend Ryan, and drove over to the canyon to take some pics! They turned out really cute and it was lots of fun. Alix's mom had made us Christmas scarves so we were all festive and matching for our pics.

We had planned on wearing black shirts, jeans, and the scarves. But that was the first day it had snowed. So it was REALLY cold. We had to wear jackets for most of the pics, BUT every now and then we would brave the cold to show off our matchingness.

Good news for the day: One week from today I will be all done with finals!! Woohoo!! Time to hit the books hard this week! :]