Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When I Grow Up

I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star. I wanna be in movies.

Ok, so not really. But I sing that song all the time and I feel like the title of it fits my life right now.

Guess what? In 3 months time I really do have to grow up. Well sorta. That's when I graduate and can no longer use the "poor college student" excuse on everything. Eh, I will still use the poor part, but the college student part will no longer be applicable. Now is the time when I am having to make decisions about my life. Gross. How scary is that?! It's no longer just decisions about the next couple of weeks or months, but about my life. Where do I want to live? What do I want to do? Do I want to do some traveling first? Get a good job and save and then do some traveling? The options are endless!

I am still not making any set in stone decisions at this point, although I do have ideas. But in doing this and just through some things that have happened recently I have realized something about myself. I am completely a goal oriented person. It's a fact. For example, here is a confession: I have not gone running since Ragnar. Why, you ask? Because I am not registered for a race and life is too busy (and too cold) to run outside for the heck of it and I loathe treadmills. Moral of all of this is that I have recently set some goals for myself for 2012 and in order to really accomplish those goals I need to be accountable somewhere. And lucky for you guys that somewhere is going to be here!

I don't know that this list is completely finished yet, but here is what I got so far and if any changes need to be made (or things added) I will do so at some future date. So here they are:

1. Leave the United States at some point.
2. Get a "real" job
3. Go to a concert (preferably iHeartRadio Festival, but we'll see what can be done on that one)
4. Go to the Temple monthly
5. Run a marathon
6. Be more aware (my family should enjoy that one - but not just of my surroundings, of people and how they are doing)
7. Visit one state I haven't been to before
8. Read a "new" book each month (I read all the time, but these books have to be ones that I haven't read before)
9. Graduate college (this was put as an afterthought, but I guess I am working on it right now so it might as well be a goal. Maybe this will motivate me to study instead of blog.)

So that's all I got so far, but hopefully it will get me motivated to do different things and get out of my comfort zone a little bit!