Saturday, July 7, 2012

Words of Taya

Yesterday Taya and I spent 9 hours in the car together. Just the two of us. That girl says some pretty funny things.

"Who built the periods?" (the pyramids)
"My hands smell gorgeous!"
"Mom says I can't wipe my hands on my clothes. But she never said anything about my pillow!" (as I was telling her not to wipe her chocolate covered fingers on her pillow)
"Jada says I might marry someone famous. She reads palms."

She also loves to play 20 questions. Without waiting for the answers. This was a legit conversation:

"What if you knew Taylor Swift? What if she was your sister? What if she was your step-sister? Or your adopted sister? What if she was your aunt? What if she was your best friend? What if she was your grandma?"

The following didn't happen in the car, but was a conversation we had on the beach the day before.

I made a comment about Taya being the baby of the family and my mom said at least she didn't nurse her any more. Taya asked my mom what that was. My mom explained that it is when the mom feeds her babies milk from her boobs. Taya looked absolutely disgusted and incredulously asked my mom, "You did that!?" Followed by, "I thought that was a choice!" A little bit after the conversation, with a still disgusted look on her face, asked "Did you do that in public?"

Oh Taya...