Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in AZ :D

I got to go home this past weekend for Thanksgiving! It was so much fun to spend time with my family and see both sides of my extended family - Rogers on Thanksgiving and Hatchs on Saturday for family pictures. It was so warm in Arizona!! I missed that warmness the minute I stepped off the plane in Utah! Now I just have to survive 19 days of finals and cold and then I will be home again for two weeks!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Katie and Quinn!

This weekend was the BYU vs. USAFA football game. Normally I would have been like cool, whatever another football game. But this one was different because my friend Quinn from high school goes to USAFA and he is on the Drum and Bugle Team or line or whatever it is called so he was coming to the game. My friend Katie Fruehan was also coming up this weekend from AZ to hang out with us. Both of them got into Utah Friday afternoon/evening; Quinn at Hills Air Force Base around 5:30 and Katie at SLC around 7. So me and Kenzie took off Friday afternoon to head up to the base to pick up Quinn to give him a night of fun after 5 months of Air Force Academy.

aren't we oh so attractive :]

So we picked up this awesome guy at the base and headed down to the Salt Lake Airport. On the way to the airport, Quinn made some posters for Katie, because she had NO idea that he was going to be with us! She thought that we would only be able to see him for a few minutes at the football game, so it was a very pleasant surprise for her!

he got a juice box at McDonald's that he was very attached to!

After we had picked up our two friends we hadn't seen in forever, we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill in Salt Lake City. It was DELICIOUS!! And they kind of messed up our order a little bit so they gave was free chocolate cake which was to die for! Sooo yummy! Our waiter was also pretty funny....he looked a little out of it and when we asked him to take a picture of the four of us at dinner, his hands were shaking like crazy! He claimed that he had had one too many lattes, but I am not so convinced... :]

love this girl! i have missed her so much!

After dinner, Quinn wanted to put off going back to the base as long as possible, so we toured Salt Lake City and went to Temple Square! It was so much fun to spend some time with Quinn. USAFA has definately changed Quinn. In high school he was super goofy and always laughing, but when we first picked him up he was pretty quiet. As the night went on though he started going back to his old self, and for a little bit it felt just like high school again! When we did take him back to the base, I was allowed to drive onto the base because we had Quinn with us, so he got us on with his military id. Most nerve racking thing though driving on the base!! I drove like 20 mph the whole time and was super careful cause Quinn freaked me out about getting pulled over. It was so good to spend Friday night with him though!

the four gilbert kids!
Saturday was the day of the big game! We went to Magelby's Fresh with some other Mesquite friends for breakfast (all you can eat french toast + $5 = YUM!) As soon as we were done with breakfast we were able to go over to the Air Force tail gate party to see Quinn again. We hung out there for about an hour with him then it was off to the game!

katie, me, and alix at the freezing cold game!

i also got a cougartail at the game - biggest maple long john of my life!!

At half time we went over to see Quinn again with all of our friends from Mesquite and ended up standing over there most of the third quarter talking to him and some of his Air Force friends. This weekend has been amazing! Katie Fruehan is one of my bestest friends and I lov having her here with me for the weekend! Seeing Quinn was awesome too! I love seeing friends again and am so excited for this next week cause I get to go home for Thanksgiving and see everyone! I am so excited!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Homecoming and Halloween!!

I haven't posted in awhile cause I have been so busy with life and keeping up with school! I have at least one test every week untill Thanksgiving and it's been like that for the last several weeks...which is nice to have them spread out but it also just prolongs all of them! Anyways a couple of fun things have happened lately. About a week and a half ago, I was asleep in bed and at like midnight my roommates started screaming and giggling and all that fun stuff girls do when they get excited. It woke me up and I was kinda like what in the world is going on, but then just rolled over and went back to sleep cause I had to get up at 3:30am for work! When I got home from work the next morning, my roomie Alix asked if I had used the front door for work. I was like no....and she just said go look at it. So I did and this was what I saw!

A guy in my ward, John, had covered my door in sticky notes asking me to one of the Homecoming dances! My roommates had seen him doing it and gotten all excited and that's what I had woken up to! He also left me this:

Cause he knows I work super early! It was way cute and creative and thus I had to respond to him all cute too! So my roommates helped me out and we decided to cover the pooltable in the basement of his building in sticky notes that said "Yes" and have a trail of sticky notes from his door down the stairs to the pool table.

And since he left me an early morning breakfast, I left him a late night snack cause I bet he sees 12 am just as much as I see 3am!!

We went to the Homecoming Dance at the Loft with two people from our ward. When we got to the Loft they had glow in the dark paint that you could paint yourself with so inside everyone was glowing in neon colors. It was way cool and so much fun!!

So that was last weekend and then this weekend was Halloween! Friday night me and two of my roommates went to a Haunted House that some guys in our ward were putting on in their dorm. We were expecting it to be kinda lame, cause seriously how scary can you make one of these buildings?? But it was way good! My roommates were screaming like crazy and I did scream a couple times too, but I was mainly laughing at my roommates cause they were like petrified! We had met up with some guys in our ward at the Haunted house, so after it a group of us went and saw The Stepfather. It was way good and intense....untill the end. The ending was way lame and could have been much better, but other than that I thought it was a good scary movie!

Saturday - actual Halloween - Alix and I decided what we were going to be like an hour before we left for our stake Halloween dance and I think we made cute hippies!

Our Halloween night adventures included the stake party, then a friend from Arizona's Halloween party, followed by a Haunted House in the Clyde building, and then the movie The Uninvited. It was way fun Halloween weekend! Now only three weeks and two days untill I get to go home for Thanksgiving! And my friend Katie comes up to visit in two and a half weeks! YAY!! :)