Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been pretty busy since my appendix was removed....but at the same time I feel like I haven't done a whole lot! Here is a quick run-down and some pics of what I have been up to since that crazy week in June :]

  • California! I have gone twice now, once with the Rogers' and once with the Hatchs'. Both times was only a quick weekend, but at least I was able to go with both groups this year which beats last summer!
  • Dance officially ended for the summer :( This makes me so sad cause I LOVE my studio that I teach at. But I will be back eventually and I always visit so I will be able to see them whenever I am home visiting.

  • I have gone hiking with friends a couple of times this summer. The first time we went was before the appendix and So You Think You Can Dance (we hiked Camelback which was a killer but sooo fun!) Our most recent hike was to Fat Man's Pass at South Mountain. Not gonna lie - it was flippin HOT! But I would do it again in a heart beat :]

  • I went to Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A with my mom, Kaitlyn, Noah, and Taya. We dressed as Cows at about 9 pm and got free food. I love free food :]

  • Babysitting is officially my new job. I babysit one little girl once a week while her parents work. She is super cute and happy! Love her! I also take whatever jobs I can get! I have done a long weekend job (Saturday to Wednesday) which wasnt too bad. Yesterday I had 2 babysitting jobs right in a row for a grand total of 14 straight hours of babysitting! Wow...

  • Last but not least.....Quilting! This is such a random thing that I love to do....but it is so fun! I am almost done with a quilt that I have been creating and imagining in my head for about 2 years (this is my first summer actually working on it though) It is huge! It is going to be a king-sized quilt - and I love it!

About 4 weeks left untill I head back up to school! Definately bitter sweet since I will miss my family, but I am so excited for my classes and, not gonna lie, to be on my own again!

My quilt! I just need to add some borders on the outside.


Me and Taya at the Beach!

This is my cousin Marlee!

I told Noah and Taya to act like they liked each other...and this is what I got :]

Oh Wyatt.... :]

Free food!