Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tucson Adventures

We finally made it! Two and a half weeks after our original move date, we finally made it down to Tucson! It has been such a relief to finally be here. No more constant stress about the sell of our Mesa house. We also learned to never again accept an offer from someone using an FHA Tribal loan. They take FOREVER. And it didn't help that nearly everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. Anyways, it is over and done!

When we got down to the house here in Tucson, it was about 2pm. Meaning most people were working. Luckily our realtor is also a friend of ours and he helped us move in and it didn't take long for the missionaries to show up! The unloading of the truck took about an hour to an hour and a half and that night we got our beds all set up so we would have a place to sleep!

The next day we were just unpacking and getting stuff put away when we got a phone call from the Elders. They said they had a baptism that night and needed someone to give the family getting baptized a ride to the Stake Center. We said sure (figured we owed them) and were told to pick the family up at 5:30 and the baptism was at 6. So we go pick the family up and head over to the church. We get there and head into the Relief Society room and it was way decked out! Like balloons, disco balls, refreshment tables, flowers. I was totally caught off-guard and wasn't sure if this is just how it is in Tucson or what. So we start helping with some different things (putting back up some decorations that had fallen, putting cupcakes onto platters) and some one says something about a wedding. Wait, what? We are at a wedding?! Turns out the couple getting baptized wasn't married. So they were getting married first at a small ceremony, then going into another room for them and their oldest son to get baptized! The missionaries left out that little detail.

So this baptism that we thought was at 6, turned into a wedding at 7 followed by a baptism at 7:30. By the time we left the church that night it was 8:30 and we still hadn't had any dinner! We were really glad that we went though because we got to meet a lot of people in the ward before actually going to church. And we really like our ward! Everyone is super friendly and genuinely excited to have us in the ward.

Here is to our adventures in Tucson!