Thursday, December 30, 2010

I made it....

And I think I will stick to quilting for awhile! :]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall Leaves

Noah, Taya, and I went to the park earlier this week and played in TONS of leaves! I thought I had missed out on my chance to check that item off my bucket list because the leaves are basically all gone in Utah, but amazingly there were some glorious piles of leaves at this park! As we were leaving the park Noah and Taya said that they love fall! Haha....too bad it's WINTER and December! But we will take any "fall" we can get here in Arizona. We had lots of fun playing and I had to kind of drag Noah and Taya home. It gave us something fun [and free] to do over break! :]

Friday, December 10, 2010

2 in 1!

One of my bucket list items was to see the Nutcracker. I looked into seeing a cheap one put on by a dance studio for when I would be home in Arizona, but most of them would no longer be showing when I would be home. So I started looking into seeing the Nutcracker up here in Utah. I took a history of Dance class last year, and my professor was always talking about Utah's professional ballet company - Ballet West. And lo and behold Ballet West was putting on the Nutcracker in Salt Lake City the entire month of December! So last night I went up to SLC and 1) saw the Nutcracker and 2) saw a professional ballet! All in one! And it was phenomenal! The principle dancers weren't even performing - it was their night off - and it was still superb! Not gonna lie, I got emotional during the Grand Pas de Deux cause it was just so beautiful and amazing! The ballerina's feet and legs were gorgeous! The whole thing was fantastic - I need to start going every year.