Thursday, July 28, 2011

Livin The Life

Or not so much. But either way I have been having fun and am happy to be home for a little while! As soon as I got home for the summer I started teaching dance again at Dance Element. I can't say enough how much I love this studio and how well they treat me. I missed the first two weeks of the summer session but they gave me 3 classes and plenty of subbing hours anyways. I got to teach Taya too which is always fun. She is getting to be a good little dancer, picks it up really fast and is going to be taking a lot more classes in the fall!

The last day of class my family literally picked me up from the studio and we headed off to California for some beach time with the Hatch family. We were bummed we didn't get to go with the Rogers crew this year, but next year we will be there!

This is Wyatt, our cousins Marlee (Wyatt's age) and Pyper, and Gideon (Wyatt's friend who has become an adopted cousin on that side).
The always needed game of bocce ball. And I bet Noah won that game even though he was the youngest one playing.

Hyrum and Jake - some of the cutest little boys you will ever meet!

Here is Taya in Kaitlyn's sunglasses and our dad's t-shirt that she got out of his closet and packed for herself without any of us knowing until we got down to the beach and she pulled it out as a cover up after having played all day.

After a week of reading some great books including One Day, Sarah's Key, and this wonderful treasure I discovered, getting some color into my new Utah sun deprived skin, and trying out a paddle board for the first time (and trying to dance while on it!) I am now home getting ready for a last few adventures before heading back to school. On the list:
  • A weekend in Prescott with Kaitlyn and maybe some other siblings (if they are nice to us :)
  • My 20th Birthday!
  • A week in San Diego
  • Finishing the SYTYCD season (I am rooting for Melanie!)
It has been a pretty good summer so I can't complain, although I am ready for some structure back in my life. I have a few things left on my list that I would like to accomplish and maybe this weekend I will knock one of those off by making this delicious Pollyanna-esque cake!