Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Disneyland...Here I Come!

As an avid Disneyland obsessor (my family has had season passes twice and not having gone in a year and a half this is the longest it's been in a long time without going to the Happiest Place on Earth) I am a frequent visitor of their website. Last year they let everyone into the park for free on their birthday...didn't make it on my birthday though. This year they are doing "Give a day, get a Disney Day!" All you have to do is sign up with an organization through Disney and volunteer for a day! I signed up earlier this week for me and Kaitlyn to participate in Habitats for Humanity - we show up on a Saturday for 3 hours to help build a house and then we get a ONE day ONE park PASS to DISNEYLAND!!! My family is doing this in Arizona too, so come the end of this semester we will all be enjoying one anothers company in the Happiest Place on Earth that we all miss oh so much! YAY!! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


First of all, I officially survived my first semester of college!! Woohoo!! It ended not too horribly and as soon as finals were over I got myself out of Provo and into Arizona! Here are the highlights of my break and life at the moment:
I spent most of the break just hanging out with family and watching movies. One day I made sugar and gingerbread cookies for Santa with Mataya and her friend Sienna. I hadn't made sugar cookies in FOREVER! It was fun to decorate them and Mataya absolutely loved it. Christmas Eve was the traditional Rogers party this year at Sharon and Trey's. We had lots of fun and good food! We played this one that was a race between all of the families and this was the outcome of it:

The four brothers got to wear balloon antlers and sing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" to all of us! It was probably one of the funniest things I have watched in a long time! Mataya put on the antlers too - they were bigger than her!

We also acted out the Nativity with what few kids were there - we were missing tons of the kids this year! :( Mataya was so excited to be Mary, and Noah complained about having to be Noah but the whole time he was up there he was posing for everyone!

The night ended with a visit from Santa. It wouldn't be Christmas Eve party if Emily and I didn't sit on his lap, so we got our traditional picture together!

Christmas Eve, the five of us kids all watched A Christmas Story in Kaitlyn's room and had a sleepover in there - Mataya claims it is tradition although this was only our second year doing it. Christmas morning came nice and early! I got an enV3 from Santa, some books and movies, and my grandparents got some of my quilts quilted and bound for me! The rest of Christmas was spent watching movies at my grandparents with all of the Hatch family.

Also over break, Noah turned 8 years old! How crazy is that?! He was baptized the day after his birthday and so many friends and family came to support him. My mom wanted a picture of him to put on the table at his baptism so me and Noah had a little photo shoot in our backyard. I think this boy is going to be a model! He was coming up with all sorts of poses and ideas of places to take pictures because he "liked the colors of the plants"! Here is a taste of his GQ photoshoot :)

It was so nice to be home and be able to relax, have my laundry done, and food provided for me! The semester has started again and I think it will be a bit harder than last semester, but I am excited for just about all of the classes I am taking and actually want to take them!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! :D