Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Pics:]

This past year at BYU, these boys were my "family," aka, my FHE group for the year. We were VERY disfunctional at times, we had a fun year! These were the people we hung out with the most and spent most of our non school time with. They are all leaving on missions in the next few months and they will all be umm...amazin! as one of our last fun things we took Family pictures! These pictures are like the epitomy of how our year has been - everyone doing their own thing, a suggestive comment {or two}, and lots of fun!
This is what half of our pictures look like!

Group Hug.....well sort of! As close as we are gonna get!

Me, Kacie, and Alix...the three girls :]

Yeah I don't even know what was goin on in this one!

Our "Mom" and "Dad" and the six kids :]

It was a great year! Now only six finals to take and next week at this time my mom and Taya will be up here to take us home!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

There's A First For Everything!

I have nearly survived my first YEAR of college! Only 7 days of classes, two "reading" days, and then a week of Finals and I will no longer be a college Freshman! Woo hoo! I have had an amazing first year: good classes, grand adventures, and wonderful roommates! Me and my roommates have been awesome together! We have gotten along well and we have an excellent food system, if I do say so myself. We take turns cooking so we have meals together three times a week. The other days we are on our own. I love the days that we cook together, cause 1) I dont have to cook, 2) It is cheaper, and 3) It is legit food. We like never eat out either, but tonight we had an epiphany and decided to do something different for dinner. We ordered pizza and are having it delivered to our dorm! I know, I know, not that big of a deal, but this is the first time we have done it here and we all thought it was amazing that we all survived so long without doing this! We could have been having pizza on the weekends without ever living our dorm this whole year! Oh the things you forget about when your world becomes a little bubble in which the only things that exist are the places you can walk to.