Wednesday, February 29, 2012


That's the number of days until graduation. seriously.

I bought my cap and gown today. With it I got a free alumni t-shirt. Yep. Alumni. Weird, right?

Since I am a math major, let's begin a countdown by the numbers:

4 midterms
4 finals I give up on that - my brain is too dead from midterms right now.

Moral of the story: graduation is soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You

I feel like 2012 may have gotten off to a rocky start. Scratch that. I know it got off to a rocky start. I believe more tears, frustration, worry, stress have occurred in the last month than the entire year of 2011.

But it has gotten better. Much better. And it is only going to get better!

Here are some of the great things I have done so far this year:

We celebrated not one but TWO birthdays at my apartment. Saudalia and Kylee's 21st birthdays - yes, I now have two roommates who could legally buy me some booze if I so desired (parentals: no need to worry, I have no such desire) - were two days apart and so we celebrated! We went out to Brick Oven one night for dinner (Saudalia's actual birthday). The next night (the inbetween night) we got a bunch of friends together for cake/ice cream and ice skating! It was a lot of fun and I got to know some new people in my ward that I hadn't really met before.

On Kylee's actual birthday we went night skiing! She had found some coupon online for Sundance so we got ski rentals and the lift pass for $30! And we were awesome and like the only ones there! It seriously felt like we were the only ones on the mountain - which was good because none of us have really skied very much and we kinda fell...a lot. It was my first time ever skiing in Utah (second time ever in my life) and I can now proudly leave BYU knowing I experienced that.

Those have been the fun events so far of 2012 - but there have been other fun "things" too. Such as getting an aerobics pass and going to Zumba about twice a week and as of tonight I am registered to become a certified Zumba Instructor! So excited! I have also been pretty good on my goals for 2012 so far as well. I have gone to the Temple each month, I finished Life Lessons Learned by Elder Oaks and started Expecting Adam by Martha Beck, and I am trying to be more aware by serving someone each day. Let me tell you, serving someone each day makes such a difference in my day! I love it.

Also, I just need to share how loved I feel. My roommates and friends have been so great. Flowers, peanut m&m's, cards, an umbrella in the bed of my truck, Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and so many other things have all meant so much. I am so grateful for all the people in my life.

2012 has been a great year. And there are still 10 1/2 months to go!