Sunday, February 14, 2010

Totally worth it... has been awhile!! I don't really know where to start! A lot has been going on....but most of that has just been surviving life in general...Studying for midterms, working, doing homework, studying some more, watching 24, trying to have a social life without failing tests, and trying to sleep somewhere in there too! However I was able to have an amazing weekend last weekend without worrying about school, sleep or anything!
To begin this tale, I must turn back the calendar to October. About two weeks before Halloween, Kaitlyn and I were looking at flights to Phoenix to go home and surprise our family for the weekend. However flights were crazy expensive and we could not justify spending that much moeny when we would be going home in just a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving. So we gave up on that desire. About a week later though, Southwest had an amazing "DING" deal! $50 EACH way to Phoenix the whole month of January and the first week of February! We could not pass this opportunity up...and so we bought the tickets! Without telling anyone else.
Last Friday, Kaitlyn and I took off for the SLC airport after our classes. We went down to AZ for the weekend, BUT no one knew we were coming except for our oh so wonderful father! My dad told my mom that he had to pick up one of his friends from the airport so my mom went along with him for the ride. Lo and behold, when they pulled up to the curb, two beutiful young girls climbed into the backseat rather than one large man! My mom was a little shocked to say the least.
She kept accusing of us lying to her the whole week, but in actuality we told the truth (at least I did) and she just read more into it and put words in my mouth. For example, I told her I had gotten asked on a date for Saturday night. I NEVER said I had accepted, I just told her I had gotten asked. :]
When we got back to the house, my parents went in the garage and me and Kaitlyn went to the front door. We rang the doorbell and a few minutes later Mataya opened the door. I wish I had had a camera and had taken a picture of her face when she saw us. Her eyes were huge and she wouldn't fully open the door. We said "Hi Mataya" all sweet and excited....and she said "Hi" quick and fast. It was hilarious.
Noah's reaction was total opposite...he ran to us screaming and literally jumped into Kaitlyn's arms! Wyatt was....well Wyatt. He did give me a hug though!
All in all, the weekend was a complete success! I didn't have to pay to do laundry, someone else fed me, I slept wonderfully, and I got to spend time with my most favority people on earth!
It was totally worth it!
didn't take any pics the entire weekend though...