Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time To Be A Grown Up

Well, it is official! Grades are in and I officially passed all my classes [not gonna lie I was getting pretty nervous about one of my classes cause I didn't even finish the final]. I am a college graduate! An alumni of Brigham Young University. Pretty crazy right?! It is so weird to be done. I don't think it will hit me until the diploma comes in the mail and I don't go back to Utah in August. For now I don't have a grown up job, but I am teaching dance and zumba and have a couple other odd jobs. And I have a some possibilities for a grown up job but we will see what ends up happening! For now I am enjoying my summer and basking in the fact that I have no more tests, quizzes, homework, papers, etc. for the foreseeable future! Yes.

The whole family at graduation! And soon there will be a third graduate in the family!

Aren't we so cute? Love that we graduated together and got to experience BYU together.

The parentals. Love them.

I did it!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Season of Weddings

Wedding season has officially begun. In the last couple of weeks and in the coming weeks several of my good friends have/are getting married. And one of my best friends is about to join them! Kenzie - my friend from high school and roomie for the past two years - just got engaged and I couldn't be happier for her! We knew this would be our last year living together because I am graduating and moving back to Arizona, but she always accused me of leaving her. Hate to break it to you Kenzie, but you are leaving me! And it's only because it is for Taylor that I am okay with it :] 

Funny Story:
I heard Taylor was going to propose to her while she was teaching a class in the SWKT. The class ended at about 10:50 and at about that same time I was meeting Kaitlyn in front of the SWKT to get something from her. As I was waiting for Kaitlyn, Taylor and Kenzie came out of the building. I saw them before they saw me and I just stood there staring at them and smiling like an idiot. They finally saw me and both just smiled, said hi, and walked towards me. I kept smiling like an idiot waiting for them to tell me they were engaged. And I was trying to sneak a look at her finger. They both just kept looking at me and kind of laughing. And I kept just standing there like an idiot. They went on their way and let me just say I was so confused. Apparently they weren't engaged at that moment. They got engaged about 5 minutes later. It was one of the more awkward moments of my life.

 But since I can be a cheeseball, here is a montage of Kenzie and Morgan since senior year of high school!
Senior Year Calculus class - Mr. Stone loved us. He really did.
Freshman Year - We ran some race together and had quotes on our backs
Hiking Camelback Summer 2010

The beginning of our adventures living together!
Happy Birthday to us - Skydiving Summer 2011 for our 20th birthdays
Ragnar! San Francisco! Napa Valley! Fall 2011
DisneyWorld Christmas 2011
We are such great roomies
If you just looked at all of those pictures: Congrats. You now know the [big] adventures of Morgan and Kenzie. Sorry you had to witness them all.