Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Loves

So this post is not in any relation to my list of 20 things - but I have recently fallen in love with a couple of things and since I am avoiding a research project due a week from today, I thought I would take some time to share these things with all of you. The first one is Modern Family. This show is hilarious. Seriously. I sit in front of the TV (sometimes by myself) and laugh nonstop. I love it. And my roommate is borrowing the first season from her sister. I can now watch it anytime I want and I just might have watched it at 11:30 last night. Trust me. It's funny. Go watch it.

The other love is not a new found love - but it has been reinforced recently. Dr. Pepper is the most satisfying soda out there. But it has to come from a fountain. I am becoming a Dr. Pepper snob. It just is not in the same when it comes from a can or bottle. Fountains are just so much better. Occasionally a fountain will be off on their carbonation or something and then it's gross but for the most part fountains are the best source of Dr. Pepper. Gosh writing this is making me want one...too bad I can't get one anywhere near by. I may need to use the car tonight to make a 7-11 run.

Now that I have so dutifully informed you all of my loves, cause I am positive you were just dying to know, I am off to write a paper on aging and social security. Social security sucks by the way and by the time I am old enough to get it (currently that's age 67 but my guess is I won't be seeing anything till I am at least 72) there won't be any left.