Tuesday, November 29, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Having a truck definitely has its advantages. When I go home for holidays, I am not limited in what I can take back and forth. For example, this year I packed to go home in garbage bags and I took only dirty clothes. I hadn't done laundry in about 3 weeks. Free laundry. Thank you parentals. Coming back up gave me a different advantage: I had room in the back to bring up an extra 7 foot, pre-lit Christmas tree and two boxes of ornaments. Merry Christmas to my apartment. This is the first Christmas tree I have had in college and let me tell you it is pretty legit. 

I have been so excited for the day when I would have my own Christmas tree because I have so many ornaments. I was curious to see whether or not I would be able to fill a tree with just my ornaments. Yep. I most definitely can. And it was so fun to be able to tell my roommates the story behind a lot of the ornaments. The biggest shocker to me though was that no one had heard of the pickle ornament! I was so surprised! One of the best Christmas traditions. But anyways, I love Christmas and love that I have a tree. Makes me happy!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In Memory

Literally the day after my high school graduation I was able to fly out to New York with my parents, Kaitlyn, and a number of my family members on my dad's side of the family. This was a very special trip for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was able to see one of my older cousins graduate from West Point Military Academy. That experience in and of itself was amazing. To see all of the cadets assembled together and their dedication to their country was just amazing. I am so grateful that I was able to witness that and have that experience.

Following his graduation we all made our way down to Washington DC and met in Arlington National Cemetery on Sunday evening. This was probably the best part of the whole trip. I loved seeing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and walking the grounds of that sacred memorial. But the best part of Arlington, and the reason we all chose to meet there, was to see Grandpa Rogers' headstone. I had never seen his headstone before, and neither had my dad nor a lot of the rest of the family that was on this trip. It was such a special experience to be there with so many descendants of this amazing man, whom most of us have not even met in this life. 

I am so grateful for my grandpa and his willingness to serve his country. I look up to him so much and am so grateful for the example he has left behind. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in stake conference and the thought came to me that I have never seen anything related to my grandpa's funeral. I know that is kind of a weird thought, but since then I have really been wanting to see pictures of it or read the talks that were given or listen to the talks or just be able to have access to whatever might be available. I want to get to know this man who I love so very much, but I know so little about. 

11 of the 25 grandchildren of Russell Rogers

I am so grateful to all of those who are currently serving or have served this country in the armed forces. They are the true American heroes. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

La Cucaracha

I think I just might have the best roommates ever. Seriously.