Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Dresser

My bedroom doesn't have a dresser, so me and my roommate went to Goodwill!


The two brown drawers will soon have pictures mod-podged to them.
I love my dresser :]

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adios Gilbert

I love Gilbert. I really do. It's where I eventually want to settle and have a family (in like 20 years of course). It's home. And it always will be. But for now I have another home in Provo! I just got back up here and it's weird to be here again. On one hand it feels like I never left and on the other it seems like I shouldn't be here - the summer wasn't long enough. But it was. It was four months. Now it is time to have fun, study, work, study, and try to have some more fun in there. While I loved my roommates last year, I am excited for my new ones. I am rooming with one of my friends from high school and I think it will be a good year. It's been a good weekend already. We talked all 6 hours driving from Vegas to Provo (never once turned on music) and having been meshing really well in setting up our room. Of course, it's always hard to say goodbye. But it has to be done, so this year Kaitlyn and I decided to treat our siblings as a way of saying goodbye - we went to Jumpstreet! It was lots of fun - a fun goodbye. Not a sad one. 3 months till Thanksgiving...let the partying - I mean studying! Begin :]