Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Acca-Believe It.

I love movies. I really do. I love to watch movies and I love to buy movies. And I love to go to the movies. Fortunately, my brother works at the theater so if we are ever not working at the same time (it has happened 3 times so far) we get to go enjoy some sibling bonding [but mainly] movie time. One of the movies we saw together was Pitch Perfect. Hilarious. So hilarious in fact that I paid to see it two additional times. And all three times were within the same week. I think I have the movie memorized.

Another movie I just saw that I would go see again is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. So. Good. I tear up in a lot of movies, but rarely do I have tears coming down my cheeks. There were tears on my cheeks during this one. This movie was funny and sad. You became friends with the characters, and just wanted to give Charlie a hug and shake him out of his awkwardness. But then Kaitlyn and I highly recommended it to our parents, telling them we both cried, and they came home saying it was just okay and questioning what part(s) we cried at. I'm going to say it's a generational thing. Or maybe not and if so, then they're heartless. Just kidding. A difference in taste? Or maybe who they saw it with? Cause believe it or not that makes a huge difference.

Anyways, the whole point of this post was going to be to vent my frustration on the rating system. And the fact that Hollywood feels the need to drop the F-bomb in movies, have nudity, sexual content, all that crap, when there is no need for it whatsoever. Most of the movies coming out in the next little bit that I want to see have the unfortunate rating of R. WHY?! Why has it become socially acceptable to be degrading, to promote immoral relationships, to use inappropriate language loosely and carelessly? It's so frustrating that the moral standard has become so low.

Now, I am not saying that all R movies are bad. I will admit that I have seen a couple where the reason that they were R was for reasons that are historically accurate/depict actual events. And with that I don't see a problem. People need to understand history and the world and not be coddled or protected from it. But some movies that are out or will be out soon that I would really like to see are R purely because the writer/director/producer decided to throw in some language and some nudity instead of leaving it out. And it frustrates me.

Right now the only two movies coming out anytime soon that I think I have interest in seeing are Wreck it Ralph and Les Miserables. Because everything else that has a trailer that appeals to me ends up with an R rating. Like Argo, Flight, and Gangster Squad to name a few.

And that's my rant for now. Stupid movies. But I still love them.

Sidenote: A movie I saw this summer that I just bought: Moonrise Kingdom. Go watch it. It's different but funny. And not obvious funny. Funny as in everyone in the movie takes themselves completely seriously but they do the most ridiculous things. And the placement of everyone in every scene and every movement is so deliberate. Wes Anderson is fantastic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Morning Musings

I have officially joined the age of technology. Up till now, I have resisted Apple. I did not have any form of a smart phone, had my dell laptop from 3 years ago, and my iPod nano from 4 years ago. Well, I am officially the owner of an iPad. I am still pretty clueless to apps, do not understand Instagram, and #idontunderstandthis #itbugsthecrapoutofme. But not lugging my laptop back and forth to work everyday is fantastic.

Tomorrow I go to Utah. Hallelujah.

In case you didn't believe that I had a crazy schedule before, the stress of it resulted in shingles. A very mild case, but for about a week there it sucked. No worries though! It's all gone.

General Conference was this weekend and pretty exciting. I had to work during the first session though and when I got home my family told me the exciting news: boys can now serve missions at age 18 and girls at age 19. My response? I burst into tears and said, "That's so stupid!" Cause guess what? Wyatt can now put his papers in at anytime. And apparently I am not ready for him to leave yet.

I started training for a tough mudder about a week ago. And was sore for days. But that training is on hold for a little bit because I may be losing my race partner (see above).

And that is my life in a nutshell right now.