Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Appendix

Remember my last post? About So You Think You Can Dance? How I was given the option of Wednesday or Thursday night tickets? And I chose Wednesday night? Well that turned out to be an excellent choice because about 11:00 pm Thursday night as I was going to bed my stomach started hurting. I thought I was just slightly dehydrated from the two days of living out of my car basically...but unfortunately that was not the case!

I woke up again that night at about 1:15 am and my stomach (lower right side to be specific) was KILLING! I tried laying in different positions, went to the bathroom, and finally ventured into my parent's bathroom looking for some pain killers. My dad happened to be awake and asked me what was wrong. I sat down and was talking to him and then he woke up my mom. They asked me several questions while googling stuff on the computer and came to the assumption that it was appendix. So off to the ER we went at about 2 Friday morning.

When I walked into the ER, the nurses immediately said, "You've got the appendicitis shuffle." So they started me on morphin right away as well as had me drinking some dye so I could get a CT scan to confirm everyone's assumptions. By 4:30am I was having the CT scan done and by 9:00am on Friday morning, I was in surgery having my appendix removed. I had to stay in the hospital over night, and this was my first experience at the hospital and having my privacy violated every opportunity given [I was not even allowed to go to the bathroom without my mother while in recovery].

Thankfully I am doing great - just a little muscle sore. I have been teaching dance the last two days so obviously I am not in too much pain! I have three small incisions in my stomach with a grand total of eight staples. Those come out next Tuesday and then no heavy lifting for the next few weeks [although I have already kind of violated this at dance] I am just so glad that I was not still in LA when this hit!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

First of all, I LOVE this show. Some might call me a bit obsessed. Truth be told, I watch old SYTYCD dances on YouTube in my spare time. About a year and a half ago I applied for tickets to be in the live audience in Hollywood. I had forgotten all about this untill Monday night when I got an e-mail sayin my name had come up on the list and I could choose to either attend the show Wednesday or Thursday night! I was estatic!! I could choose from having 2 to 4 tickets as well. I asked for 3 tickets and called my friend Kirsten and cousin Emmas to go with me. They were just as excited as me and found a way to be able to go! When I got the tickets, a crazy dress code for the show came with it. No white, no tshirts, no logos or any writing on the clothes, no flip-flops/heels/platforms (only closed toed flats), preferably no jeans and tons of other crazy stuff! Needless to say, Tuesday was pretty crazy trying to figure out what to wear and where we would stay!

Wednesday began bright and early! Or should I say dark and early since I woke up at 3:30 in the morning?! We were on the road by 4:30 and by 10:00 am, after only one wrong turn, we were at a McDonalds in LA eating breakfast and getting ready in the bathroom. Which led to Emmas straightening her hair in a Petco but that is a totally different story in and of itself :] By 11:00 we were on our way to Hollywood and arrived at the gates of CBS Television City by noon. There were only 7 people ahead of us in the line! Within the first hour of being in line we saw and waved to Tabitha and Napoleon, Nigel, Tyce Diorio, and Mandy Moore!

At about 2:30, our tickets were checked and then we were lead through security to new waiting area where we saw Ade! We were sorted here using a method unknown to everyone except those using it and told to sit on certain benches. When we were finally all sorted appropriately, we were taken into the studio! Biggest surprise of all: the studio is not very big at all! Even the stage is alot smaller than I thought! Anyways, the show was AMAZING! I was super close to the judges table, like literally right next to it! Cat was super nice and way funny! The judges were awesome too! And of course the dances were incredible. The Hallelujah dance performed by Alex and Allison was amazing to see again on tv - but honestly SOOO much better in person BECAUSE there were breaths choreographed in the dance that were so deep and ragged that they gave the dance that extra touch to drive it in hard.

I had so much fun on this trip! It was an awesome experience and I am ready to apply for tickets again so I can maybe go again next season :]