Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tales of Work

Me: How old are you?
Dancer: 20!
Me: 20?! Are you sure? Are you 3?
Dancer: No! I'm 20!


Dancer: I had a taco today!
Me: You did? Did your mom make it for you?
Dancer: No. I got it at McDonald's. We waited in the car and then I ate it.
Me: That sounds fun! What did you have for breakfast?
Dancer: I just had a taco!
Me: You didn't have breakfast?
Dancer: No! I had a taco!


Me: How old are you?
Dancer: 3. My birthday's tomorrow!
Me: How old will you be tomorrow?
Dancer: 5!
Me: Will you be 4?
Dancer: 5!


My dancers (ahem, my 3 year old dancers) can all be very insistent when they tell me things! But I love them and laugh every time I go to class with them. So really I started writing this post with the intention of telling the world about my day yesterday, but then wanted to include some funny conversations I had with my girls. So now the real story:

Having 4 jobs makes for a crazy schedule. Literally every single day is different. I don't even leave my house at the same time everyday (except Monday, Wednesday, Friday). So up to this point I have always checked my calendar for the day to make sure I know what time I need to be everywhere. Well, on Monday I knew I had to be at work in Phoenix in the morning (class then office hours) then a school in Mesa for an hour, then dance at Dance Element for 3 hours. 

In my head the whole day I was thinking I needed to end my office hours at 1:45 so I could be on the road by 2pm. Drive for about 45 minutes, teach an hour at the school, then drive 30 minutes and teach from 4-7pm at the studio. 

Have you noticed what I failed to notice? 

Those numbers don't add up right. Especially since I like to give myself an extra 15-20 minutes for each drive just in case something happens. Guess what time I was supposed to leave Phoenix? No later than 1pm. What time was I supposed to be at the school? By 2:10. When did I realize that? At 1:45pm. I had 25 minutes to make a 45 minute drive, change my clothes, and I wasn't even to my car yet. 

Oh. My. Gosh. 
My heart literally sank right to the ground. My worst nightmare was coming true. I panicked and took off at a run to my car (real professional like) and sped off. I called my boss to break the news. (Sidenote: For this job, we are an after school program. If we are late, I get charged $25 by the school. If we are more than like 20 minutes late meaning a no show we get charged a $100). Tender mercies. Let me tell you about them. Just for that particular Monday, I had an assistant that would be teaching with me. And she was already at the school. Also, my boss and her assistant were visiting my school as their first stop that day. Meaning they would cover for me. And my boss was so sweet and understanding about it.

I ran into the school only about 10 minutes late (tender mercy #3: no cops = no speeding ticket) still wearing my work pants with just my dance top thrown on. And I was super frazzled. But lesson learned. ALWAYS check my calendar. Even if I think I know my schedule.

Sidenote: I have 269 students. And I can name about 100 of them. Go me.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I heard it on the radio

I have recently started spending a lot of time in my car. About a minimum of 2 hours a day. Sometimes I am lucky and it is less. Like today! But time in the car = time listening to music (or a quick call to catch up with Utah friends, but they are typically busy with class when I am driving). When I was in Utah I always said that I missed listening to John Jay and Rich in the mornings (104.7) cause that's what I always listened to in the mornings in high school. And I never thought that I would say this, but they are kind of annoying. Like super irritating annoying. Especially John Jay. In all honesty, I feel like he belittles people and is just rude to others. Okay, sorry. Not my place to judge. But hard feelings going on there. Got it? I don't like listening to 104.7 anymore. So I switch between stations a lot. And I have recently discovered this song.

I love it. So now I just switch back and forth all the time between 102.5 and 107.9 and I usually hear it about twice a day. Today I decided that I just needed to buy it so I could listen to it forever. But, it is NOT. ON. iTUNES. What the heck?! What song isn't on itunes?? This song needs to get on there fast. Although, by the time it is I will probably already be hooked on some different song. Because, let's be honest, all good songs get overplayed and then you just can't take it anymore.

Oh well. For now I will love it and just keep flipping stations hoping to hear it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Never Ever Breaking Up

Even if you aren't a fan of t-swift, you have probably heard her new song "we are never ever getting back together". Well, I was shown this little beauty today. It's awesome. Laugh out loud awesome. Pretty dang hilarious. Well worth the 4 minutes of your time to watch it.