Sunday, September 12, 2010


I just finished up my second week of school. Bleh. Haha it actually has been a pretty good semester so far. I am enjoying my classes and my professors (which makes a huge difference) and the work load has not been too crazy yet. I am taking multivariable calculus, theory of analysis, social inequality, biology, Doctrine & Covenants, and The Living Prophets. It will be a doable semester and I am so grateful for that. Midterms will be here before I know it though and while we still aren't super busy, Kaitlyn and I decided to have an adventure.

Yesterday Kaitlyn and I drove down to Moab to go to Leslie and Alison's baby shower! We headed down at about 8 and got back just before 6. It was a quick adventure but totally worth it. Leslie had invited us and Emily down last semester but it just never worked out for us to go down there. After realizing how short of a drive it really is (and it's an easy, pretty drive too) we totally want to go back sometime! It was so good to see both Leslie and Alison as well as Sharon, Enoch, and Jayne. I love spending time with family, especially family that you don't get to see very often. Again, I failed at life and didn't take any pictures! I wish I had though because alot of the drive was pretty and Moab was a nice a little town. The park we were at was really pretty too with lots of big trees! Can you tell I am from Arizona and am used to the desert? :] Anyways, thanks for inviting us down! We had a lot of fun!