Monday, May 24, 2010

Taya's Hair

I Love to do Taya's hair. A lot. It drives her crazy sometimes, and on occassion we end up fighting while I am doing it because it takes too long, she doesn't understand looking straight ahead, her feet are tired, and I could continue with the things that we fight about but I will spare you. I am always proud of how her hair looks and ask her everyday after school if anyone commented on it {I know, I know, I am a little obsessed}. Some of the hair-dos are good, some are cute, but some I just can't get over. Today was one of those ones - so of course I had to take pictures! Enjoy :]

{As a side note, it was pajama day today - she doesn't wear her pajamas to school everyday I promise!}

It's Been Awhile...

First of all, I am HOME!! It feels so good to be home, especially since people from up in Provo have told me that it is SNOWING there today! Ahh! So glad I am not there in the snow in May. The semester ended well; I survived Finals and ended up with good grades in all of my classes. The biggest surprise grade was an A in my computer programming class since I gave myself a 13/100 on the Final! It must have been curved big time :] The weekend after getting home my family headed off to Disneyland and the beach to use our "Give a Day, Get A Disney Day" tickets. It was so much fun - and our first time there with no stroller! Woohoo! And EVERYONE was tall enough to ride EVERYTHING which made it even that much more fun!

Since Disneyland, I have just been hanging out looking for a job. So far I am only teaching dance this summer so if anyone needs a babysitter just let me know :] This past weekend I helped at the studio I have worked at with their end of the year recital. It was so much fun to work with them again - I truly LOVE working at that studio. The owners are wonderful!

After school today, I took Noah, Taya, and Wyatt and some SummerSleds we borrowed from our aunt and we went sledding at the park! It was tons of fun! It is very similiar to ice-blocking but you go tons faster, farther, and it is legal :]

That's been my summer so far! I will try to update more with the many adventures I am sure to have :]