Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rocky Point

Before our kitchen remodel project really got going, we were invited by David and Jayne (my aunt and uncle) to come with them to their house in Rocky Point! They would be there for a week, but it only worked for us to go for the weekend (General Conference weekend). We still jumped at the chance though and are so glad we did!

We headed down to Mexico on Friday afternoon when Jarom had finished work for the day. Jayne had said that it is much easier to find the house before dark, aaaandd we really didn't want to be driving around Mexico at night. So we left at about 2:45pm and it's a 4 hour drive so that would give us a little bit of extra time to get there before dark. Well we didn't account for it being a Friday afternoon/evening and a lot of people heading down for the weekend. In Why we had to wait in line about 30 minutes to get our Mexican insurance and then there was about a 30 minute line to get into Mexico! So we were getting a little stressed about getting there before dark. Oh and since we were in Mexico (international) we couldn't use data on our phones without getting charge huge fees. And we couldn't text or call anyone. And we had never been to their house before (well I had a long time ago but had no clue how to get there). So we were using screen shots I had taken of some directions Jayne had written out with landmarks to look for and directions that they had gotten us from Google Maps (those had street names but the directions were in Spanish...). It was dark by the time we got to Rocky Point and pretty much impossible to see any street names so we were pretty much relying on the landmarks we were told to look for. One of the landmarks was a police station. We found that pretty quickly, but none of the other landmarks were nearby. We circled that area FOREVER looking for the rest of the landmarks to try and figure out where to go. After almost an hour of being lost we finally pulled into a gas station and Jarom asked them how to get to the neighborhood we knew the house was in (I am so glad he speaks Spanish). Turns out we weren't looking for a police station. We were looking for a fire station. And it was about 2 more miles up the road. Once we finally got those directions we found the house pretty quickly!

We had such a fun time down there! Molly LOVED the water and the sand. She played hard all day long. Jarom went out kayaking, sailing, and quad riding with Uncle David. It was so fun to spend time with family and relax for a little bit! We can't wait to go back (especially now that we know how to get there...)

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