Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Halloween 2015

Molly's First Halloween! It was kind of fun that she was a little older and walking for her first Halloween. It meant I could take her trick-or-treating {free candy} without getting judged for it! Sorry but a 2 month old should not go trick or treating. It's pretty freakin' obvious who the candy is for. The night before Halloween our ward did a little Halloween party. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy and the party was outside. So it all went rather quickly.

Molly had two costumes for Halloween {thanks Jolyn!}. So for the ward party she was Molly Mouse. And she was stinkin' adorable if I do say so myself. And she loved carrying her pumpkin bucket. When it came time for the "trunk-or-treat" part of the party she got one piece of candy in her bucket and she couldn't get past it. So she spent a lot of time like this:

I eventually convinced her to get more candy but after each piece she spent quite a bit of time going through her stash. Ha! On Halloween morning we decided to go the Marana Pumpkin Patch and oh my goodness it was totally worth it! It was like $10 for each of us to get in (not Molly) and it included pretty much everything. There was a huge hay stack, a train, a trailer ride out to the pumpkin patch, multiple corn mazes, a petting zoo, air pillows, and a ton of other stuff.

We totally wore Molly out there and I think that is going to be a new Halloween tradition for us! That night Molly was dressed up as an Owl. Quick side story: Molly had this Halloween book about an owl named Wickle Woo that she was obsessed with! We read that book so many times. She eventually shredded it {her love is a little rough sometimes}. But we called her Wickle Woo in this costume.

When we lived in Mesa, our neighborhood was horrible for trick or treaters. We only stayed home one year to pass out candy and we had about 10 people the whole night. We weren't really sure what to expect in  our new neighborhood, but there are always kids at the park by us so we were hoping for a good trick-or-treating neighborhood. And it was! We were a little under prepared and ran out of candy at about 7pm. Oops! While Jarom passed the candy out, I took Molly trick or treating to a few houses. We didn't make it very far because after each house she had to spend several minutes going through her stash again.

When we made it back to our house Molly became a huge fan of giving the candy out to the trick or treaters. She actually did a good job at it!

Halloween was so much fun with a kid. I know next year will be even more fun when she "gets" it just a little bit better!

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