Friday, November 27, 2015

Molly's 1st Birthday!

Molly's birthday was such a fun day. I want to start a birthday tradition with our kids of filling their bedroom with balloons the night of their birthday. That way when they wake up on their birthday there is a party in their room! So Jarom and I blew up a bunch of balloons the night before and threw them all in her room. When she woke up on her birthday we went in there together and we put all of the balloons in her crib. She loved it.

We drove up to Gilbert that morning and met Grandma and Grandpa Walker for lunch. Molly was hilarious and wouldn't sit in her high chair. She had to sit on the table all leaned up against her grandma. Crazy girl.

After her birthday lunch we headed over to my parent's house. She took a nap and then we got her all dressed up for her party. She was a little obsessed with her presents and we had to keep pulling her away from them.

We took her outside while waiting for everyone to get there and she thought she was all big and had to walk in the street. She has this weird obsession lately with going in the street! I don't know if it's because I tell her not to or what. But it drives me nuts. Anyways, it was her birthday, so we let her. My mom and Taya and I were in a circle around her watching for cars.

Then it was time for her birthday dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Rogers! She seriously has too much personality. We love her for it though.

Then the Walker's all came over for cake and presents! She was seriously so spoiled. She got clothes, shoes, a doll, a swing, bath toys, and a rocker/scoot toy.

She loved the cake and made an awesome mess!

Birthdays are so much fun. We love our little 1 year old!

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